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About Company

Our History

Welcome to Machu Picchu Inca Trekking. For over 5 years we have been creating inspiring bespoke vacations and we pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the leading specialty tour operators in all of Peru.

We are a company with guarantee and experience in charge of providing unforgettable moments on the routes of Cusco and all of our beloved Peru.

Wishing you enjoy your stay in Cusco Machu Picchu Inca trekking.

Who We Are

We’re passionate about what we do and want to share it with the world. Through tourism, we get to show visitors to our incredible country all it has to offer, as well as making it hugely beneficial to the local people. We also take great care in preserving customs, traditions, the history of our grand country, and all the beautiful natural sights it boasts.

Our Mission

We focus on looking for people who like a good vacation within the Inca culture, identified with nature and the beauty of its mountains, glaciers and many beautiful views along the way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to satisfy your needs to know as much as possible about Cusco and the Inca culture. Make them find a trusted friend that they can always count on for whatever they need.

What makes these trips different?

 We believe that a vacation should be more than a hotel room, a flight and a rental car. It should be more than the sum of its parts. We also believe a challenge can help you grow and a trip can stir the soul. We create journeys worth taking – for the traveler, for the host and for the world.