Machu Picchu Inca Trekking, your bridge to other cultures

Immerse yourself in the ethnic richness of indigenous peoples through fascinating community tours that will allow you to interact with local families, learning about their ancient customs up close.

Sharing knowledge from village to village

Visit remote locations where you can try textile techniques, pottery, ancestral medicine, and native cuisine alongside locals.

Flexible itineraries designed by and for the community

The proceeds from these experiences contribute to the sustainable development of remote areas, preserving invaluable cultural treasures.

Experience diverse cultures throughout the Andes

– Chinchero community tour to learn about Pachamama. – Visit the village of Amantaní to exchange knowledge about lake cuisine. – Stroll through Janca to understand Andean medicine.

Book your access pass to authentic Andean culture now!

We offer flexible options that will enrich your journey in a sustainable and ethical way.

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