Machu Picchu Inca Trekking, your ally on the way

Immerse yourself in the secrets of Andean magic through this exciting one-day tour of Vinicunca, the impressive Rainbow Mountain located a few kilometers from Cusco.

A unique geological spectacle

Forged under special circumstances, Vinicunca displays its pink, purple, and orange tones, the result of the recent discovery of its mineralized layers.

A meticulously designed route

You will conquer its ascent through horse trails and Inca terraces, appreciating stunning panoramic views. Our guides will share their secrets with you.

Vinicunca – Rainbow Mountain Tour Itinerary

– Departure from Cusco to the community of Pampamarca. – 2-hour trek to the top of the mountain. – Picnic while observing the changing chromatic range. – Return, appreciating the sunset over the Andes.

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